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Dungud Day Spa Restorative Conditioner

Dungud Day Spa Restorative Conditioner

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HSA Notification No.: CCPN2220069
Day Spa Restorative Conditioner

A luxurious conditioner for stressed hair
Strengthen & repair
Improve shine & lustre
Apply for a few minutes, then rinse
Undo the damage

Packed with native Australian plant-based ingredients
Waratah Flower Extract:
This much-loved Australian flower is packed with plant amino acids to help restructure and repair hair, promoting healthy hair growth, smoothness, reduced frizz and overall condition.
Argan Oil:
Argan oil is loaded with fatty acids (oleic and linoleic acid) and antioxidants (vitamin E and polyphenols), which hydrate the hair, retains moisture, and neutralize free radicals to protect both the hair follicles and the scalp from stress.

Sulfates, Parabéns & Propylene Glycol Free

SHELF LIFE: 36 months

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